Joyce Mochrie

Certified Copy Editor and Proofreader


“As a best-selling author, I personally highly recommend Joyce Mochrie, my ‘literary cleaning lady,’ as a caring and keen-eyed copy editor and proofreader. Her meticulous attention to detail is unparalleled. Joyce has polished many of my novels identifying numerous errors that others, including myself, previously missed. Her work is excellent, speedy, and efficient, and the results are impeccable. When I send her work that I think is almost perfect, she always manages to find more errors than I ever thought could be there. I COULDN’T PUBLISH WITHOUT HER!”
– Donna Foley Mabry, Wall Street Journal Top 10 Best-Selling Author

“Thank you so much for the incredible editing job on this book. Not only did you put an elegant polish on the grammar and punctuation, but I was also so impressed with your skill in dealing with complex medical terms and concepts. We had a tight turnaround schedule and could not have made our deadlines without you.”
– Neil Schachter, M.D., Professor of Pulmonary and Community Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School and past president of the American Lung Association of New York

“I've worked with many editors and proofreaders, and I am fully aware that not all editors are created equal. Joyce is personable, extremely thorough, highly professional, affordable, and meticulous with an eye like a hawk. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed, catching endless errors that other previous editors had missed, not to mention the many foreign words she caught and corrected. Her execution was timely, and she remained very sensitive to the integrity of my voice.”
– Vital Germaine, Amazon Top-Selling Author and International Keynote Speaker

“Joyces fastidious and diligent attention to detail caught my errors of grammar and punctuation, as well as my dropped or repeated words. I agree with others who wrote that they dont want to publish without her thorough review, and Ive already booked her to copy edit and proofread my next book. I highly recommend her “last look” to avoid the dreaded fate of authors who find a typo every time they open their just-published book. And on top of all that, shes a pleasure to deal with!”
Kathy Strobos, Multi-Award-Winning Author

“I was impressed with Joyce’s clientele, which includes THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, my former employer. I had already invested considerable money in editing my second work in progress, but I wanted ‘one last look’ and I’m so glad I did. Although my manuscript went through several revisions prior, Joyce gave me the confidence to finally publish error-free thanks to her polish and keen eye. As a result, none of my ARC readers could find a single mistake! She was a pleasure to work with and was easily accessible with fast responses and regular updates. I highly recommend her!”
Tara September, Multi-Award-Winning Author

“As a writer, I’m mostly focused on creative. I have a decent command of grammar and punctuation, but that can fly out the window when I am in a flow state. Having Joyce put her finishing touches on my manuscripts gives me an extra measure of confidence. I know every last comma, quotation mark, and period will be perfect. She has saved my bacon on many occasions, finding inconsistencies, repetition, and misspelled words that others missed. I also appreciate the grammar lessons she includes! Joyce is an essential member of my team and an absolute delight to work with.”
– Ciaran Blumenfeld w/a Ciara Blume, Multi-Published Author

“Joyce was not the only editor I ‘test drove’—I actually tried out a total of four. I was looking for more than a copy editor. I was seeking an editor who would not only correct typos, grammatical errors, and punctuation, but who was sensitive enough to catch repeated words, inconsistencies in plot details, and the like, leaving it as perfect as a manuscript could be. I found that in Joyce Mochrie. She patiently answered my questions about grammar and punctuation, essentially giving me an education in the process.”
– Frances S. Brown w/a Claire Gem, Award-Winning Author

“It is my pleasure to recommend Joyce Mochrie for her copy editing and proofreading services. She did a professional job of getting my manuscripts publishing ready. Her services were prompt, her rates were affordable, and I appreciated that she gave me a detailed list of my most common mistakes to improve my work in the future. Besides an eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines, she had a positive attitude and added a personal touch by giving her enthusiastic feedback whenever it was appropriate.”
– Laurie G. Robertson, Award-Winning Author

“Retaining the copy editing services of Joyce Mochrie was the best decision Ive made since becoming a published author! She was thorough, helpful, and professional, and her expertise on grammar, as well as format and clarity, was extremely beneficial in polishing that final copy. I wouldnt hesitate to use her again or recommend her to a fellow writer. I love the peace of mind I feel going into this next publication. I think this is the beginning of a long relationship!”
Stacey Reynolds, Best-Selling and Multi-Published Author

“There are professionals, and then there are professionals. My association with Joyce began after finishing this 600-page opus which, while being a theological treatise, was then offered to my seminary as a dissertation for my PhD. As one can appreciate, there is no room in academic scholarship for a submission that is less than flawless. Since discovering Joyce and her remarkable talent, I have used her exclusively in editing all of my teachings and marketing venues. If you are looking for the best in the business, look no further.”
– Dr. Bruce R. DeBaun, Former Chair of Ed., NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary and Multi-Published Author

“I am in awe of Joyce’s mastery of the English language. With her trademark enthusiasm, she gently massages the manuscript for a marvelous end result, elevating a book’s message from good to great! I have complete faith in her stellar skills, and she is 100% worth her weight in gold. I am a client for life!”
Mary Vraa, Published Author

“On the recommendation of Wall Street Journal best-selling author Donna Foley Mabry, I contacted Joyce to edit my fifth book, Cathy’s World. The results were amazing. Not only did Joyce find omitted words or letters and repetitions, but she also checked margin indentations. In her attention to detail, Joyce identified a continuity error—a medicine dosage. She reviewed the novel’s story line and characterizations. To me, such edits are the mark of high standards in professional editing. I would not hesitate to recommend Joyce Mochrie for your editing needs.”
– M.A.R. Unger, Best-Selling and Multi-Award-Winning Author

“A really good proofreader is hard to find, and to have it combined with a wonderful copy editor is an added bonus. Joyce Mochrie is definitely both. She even corrected a phrase in Latin for me. Incredible! I give her the title ‘World’s Best Copy Editor and Proofreader’ along with a well-deserved 5-star rating!”
E. Alan Fleischauer, Best-Selling and Multi-Award-Winning Author

“Finding a great copy editor is difficult, but I’m happy to say I found one. Joyce transformed my manuscript from a story full of errors into a professional book. She was helpful, prompt, and efficient. To tell the truth, I would not write another book without her help. I only wish I had known about her for my first endeavors!”
– Sharron Grodzinsky, Award-Winning Author

“Joyce was a great last look at my manuscript and caught some variations in names that my copy editor had missed. She also caught a near miss on my back cover blurb that had been reviewed several dozen times, and thankfully, it was fixed before going to print! She is an excellent resource, the consummate professional, and she delivered on the day she said she would. I highly recommend her without reservation.”
– Tricia Cerrone, Multi-Award-Winning Author

“Indy authors have enough to worry about without fear of being dinged in reviews for mistakes in their manuscript. Thanks to Joyce Mochrie, owner of One Last Look, I was able to publish without worrying about typos, repeated words, or awkward phrasing. Her professionalism and prompt service made the editing process painless. My book is better because of her dedication and expertise.”
– Susan C. Muller, Multi-Award-Winning Author

“Through networking with trusted author friends, I found a copy editor named Joyce Mochrie. With very little turnaround time, she read the 70K word manuscript and made all the comments any writer would want his or her editor to make. The suggested changes are presented in a way that I was able to accept or reject them, and I felt confident of my book as I moved toward publication.”
– Anna Nicholas, Published Author, Actor, Director, Speaker, Mediator

“Having a great team of freelancers is a critical component of success in today’s publishing world. Having a professional edit your manuscript offers writers the assurance they need before taking the next step. Partnering with Joyce Mochrie boosts a writer’s confidence even further. She provides a realistic schedule, regularly updates her progress, and meets or exceeds every deadline. Her comments are easy to understand and implement, and most of all, she has the experience and the discerning eye to honestly critique and polish your manuscript, ensuring that it reads well. I’m more than pleased to have her as a member of our team.”
– Steve McCondichie, Author and Publisher, SFK Press

“I found Joyce to be an exceptional copy editor and proofreader who not only caught a myriad of routine issues, she also went back to my first novel to ensure consistency within the second novel. Clearly, she goes above and beyond, and her business model is one manuscript at a time—you have her entire focus when she’s editing your work. I highly recommend that you avail yourself of Joyce’s dedication, superb attention to detail, and extraordinary talent for your copy editing and proofing needs. You won’t regret it!”
– Joseph Gary Crance, Published Author

“I was astonished at the in-depth attention to detail Joyce brought with her while working on my literary creation. My words, my thoughts, my feelings, my every syllable seemed to take on new meaning and clarity once she waved her magic wand over my story and polished it to a chrome finish worthy of a king's ransom. She will also explain to you every minute detail of how and why she suggested the changes she made, giving you a better understanding and, therefore, helping you become a better writer. And in the end, isn't that all we want? Five stars, two thumbs up, and any other top rating symbols I am unaware of!!!”
– Dutch Van Alstin, Published Author

“When I was searching for a copy editor/proofreader, other authors repeatedly spoke of her extraordinary attention to detail, professionalism, accuracy, and thoroughness. Joyce has now edited several novels for me, and I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments of other writers. My additional contribution to her well-earned praises is that she is so very kind, thoughtful, and gracious. What a privilege it is to work with Joyce Mochrie!”
– Alison Blasdell, Published Author

"A fellow writer friend told me Joyce's work was impeccable. He was right. As a first-time novelist, Joyce put me at ease, answering my many questions about grammar and giving me the reasons behind the rules. Her dedication to her craft is clear, as she took my work and massaged the words to flow better than what I had originally created. More books are planned for this series, and I have no doubt that I will hire Joyce for those future projects."
– Michelle Pointis Burns, Published Author

“It is my pleasure to recommend Joyce Mochrie without reservation. In addition to correcting punctuation, typographical, and grammatical errors, she also caught omitted and repeated words and inconsistencies in the narrative. To my surprise, she also checked margin indentations, ensuring that every detail of the manuscript was esthetically perfect. New and experienced writers will benefit from her keen attention to detail and willingness to answer all questions about grammar and punctuation.”
Joanne Guidoccio, Multi-Published Author

“It was a pleasure working with Joyce Mochrie. Her attention to detail was impressive! She caught every misplaced comma, repetitive word, tense change, and more. She quickly responded to all of my emails, and each correspondence was thorough and clearly stated. Joyce was easy to work with, her prices were fair, and she was a true professional.”
– Leigh Fleming, Award-Winning Author

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for Joyce’s copy editing and proofreading expertise. She has a meticulous eye for finding errors that I no longer could see or find on my own and has made my story shine! When I had questions or concerns about certain chapters or scenes in my story line, Joyce graciously took the time necessary to read and help guide and support me when others told me differently. I sincerely recommend Joyce Mochrie as an exceedingly qualified professional copy editor and proofreader."
– Donetta Marie, Published Author

“It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Joyce Mochrie for copy editing services. She is a complete joy to work with, and her professionalism, responsiveness to my inquiries, attention to detail, and personable demeanor make her someone youll always want to have on your team. I cannot wait to work with Joyce again on future projects.”
Charmyra E. Fleming, Published Author

“I highly recommend Joyce Mochrie, owner of One Last Look. Her meticulous work on my first novel was outstanding! She found so many errors other proofreaders didn't catch. Her personable nature and encouragement helped me get through the changes I needed to make. I am so grateful to have her as part of my writing team!”
– Veronica Mahara, Published Author

“Joyce came highly recommended by two author friends. I have read all of her testimonials, and those authors have taken the words right out of my mouth. Everything is true, and I will continue to praise her work. I have now dubbed her my “Superhero Editor” for her extraordinary excellence in editing and her prompt attention and response to every question Ive asked her. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking a copy editor with such exceptional skills.”
A.V. Rogers, Published Author

“As an author, I cannot praise Joyce Mochrie highly enough. I was absolutely sure my manuscript was squeaky clean and didn’t need further editing. It wasn’t. In fact, Joyce showed me exactly how poorly done it actually was. I will be forever grateful for her timely editing and reasonable rates. Had I published as originally intended, I would have been forever ashamed of my amateurish work. Now I can stand proud due to the professional job she did.”
– Edmond E. Frank, Award-Winning Author

“Many thanks to Joyce Mochrie, my copy editor and proofreader, for editing my manuscript. When I was looking for an exceptional copy editor, I was stressed and overwhelmed. With Joyce, I never felt any pressure, as she took her time to get to know me and my project. Not only did she provide a superb service, but I gained a new friendship and look forward to creating more amazing projects together.”
Taisha Speters, Published Author

“Joyce is a copy editor and proofreader par excellence. Her keen attention to detail is profound. As a detail-oriented person myself, she speaks to my sensibilities. With her sharp eyes, even the slightest error will not go undetected. Her work is done quickly, and her turnaround times are magical.”
– Chilufiya Safaa, Published Author

“Because Joyce has my back with her excellent editing skills, I don’t have to fumble around with spelling, punctuation, or grammar. I’m free to just write my stories—and what a wonderful thing that is! I wish I had met her years ago. She is not only an accomplished copy editor and proofreader, but she is one of those rare people who has a love of words and cares about her clients.”
– Dianne Sebis Hahn, Published Author

“I was delighted to find Joyce Mochrie, who provided an excellent editing service. Her friendly personality and dedication to detail were immensely appreciated. She found errors that I overlooked, even after I reread it several times. Joyce was very efficient in her editing with great suggestions and changes. She was punctual and provided me with a manuscript ready to be sent to a publisher. Her prices are fair, and I would recommend her to any author.”
– Lowell F. Volk, Award-Winning Author

“With the swift hand of a Ninja warrior, Joyce brought the best of my novel to light. I have no idea how I made it without her on my previous works, but it won’t happen again. She is professional, exciting, affordable, as well as personable. She focuses on your work as though it were her own, giving only her best. Because of her talent, I’m confident of the work I’ll present to my readers.”
– Lila Johnson, Published Author

"My experience with Joyce Mochrie is filled with compassion, humor, impeccable knowledge, and precise observation and attention to detail. She gave me exactly what I needed with grace, professionalism, and wonderful humanity. I not only recommend her as an exceptional, full-service, professional copy editor and proofreader, I also recommend her as a great human being!"
– Valerie J. Runyan, Published Author

“I cant thank Joyce enough for the work she did on my book. She maintained my voice and really made my book shine. With more projects on the horizon, I will definitely be back. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is writing a book.”
Nina Anders, Published Author

“I chose Joyce to have ‘One Last Look’ at my novel, and I was thrilled with the results. Not only is she organized, prompt, and pays particular attention to detail, I also found her to be very personable and encouraging. I would recommend her copy editing and proofreading services to any author who wants a polished manuscript to present to publishers or to self-publish.”
– Kate Randle, Published Author

“If you have written a novel and poured your heart and soul into it, you will want a top-notch Certified Copy Editor to give it the polishing it deserves. Joyce can do the job for you—in spades. She did a super job on my manuscript, and she did it in a hurry. Most importantly, I haven’t found one error in the manuscript . . . not one. I have had several copy editors over the last two decades, but none were as good as Joyce. She was kind and very helpful in making my novel the best it could be. Joyce is one great copy editor!”
– Scotty V. Casper, Published Author

“Joyce Mochrie is, far and above, the best editor I have ever used. I have worked with others in the past, and NOT ONE of them compares to her meticulous attention to detail and very precise work! She has a superb turnaround time, affordable rates, and is also personable and such a pleasure to work with. I would highly, highly recommend her. First-rate and top-notch all the way!”
Mia Stadin, Published Author

“I would like to recommend Joyce Mochrie, owner of ‘One Last Look,’ for her outstanding editing skills. She answered all of my questions with professionalism and encouraged my skills as an author. She tells authors to use their imagination and create the work, and her job is to clean it up and polish it. And, that she does . . . very well.”
– James Logsdon, Published Author

“Joyce did a superb job of copy editing and proofreading my book to ensure that it is squeaky clean. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in having their manuscript ready for publishing.”
– James Youlton, Published Author

“I share a relationship with Joyce as a result of the outstanding work she did copy editing my novel. If you are looking for a copy editor who is thorough, pays attention to detail, and knows what she is doing, choose Joyce. I was truly amazed and pleased with the level and quality of her work. Her editorial skills are exemplary. I recommend her highly and would not hesitate to have her work on another project.”
– G.E. Taylor, Published Author

“It was a lucky day when I discovered Joyce Mochrie, copy editor and proofreader extraordinaire! During the time she was working with my manuscript, I realized promptness is one of her many outstanding attributes. The quality of her work is exceptional, her prices are reasonable, and she communicates in a way that makes me feel valued as a person. She always did what she said she’d do, and it is without reservation that I highly recommend her to anyone with a manuscript that needs ‘One Last Look.’ I look forward to working with her on my next book. She’s the best!”
– Ann Pontrelli, Published Author

“From the very beginning, Joyce was prompt and helpful, and her edits were thorough and accurate. She went above and beyond when I had questions regarding grammar and technique. Never once did she try and alter my ‘voice,’ and she remained respectful of my writing style. She impressed me from start to finish. I highly recommend her work and can attest to the quality of her edits. Kind, honest, and informative, Joyce will always be my copy editor of choice.”
– J.M. Muller, Published Author

“What can I say about Joyce Mochrie that hasn’t already been said. Without her expert guidance, my book would probably have not come to fruition. She answered my phone calls and emails very promptly, and her attention to detail in editing my manuscript was excellent.”
Ann Charles, Published Author

“I am so thankful for your work and professionalism as the editor of my first novel. Your willingness to work with me as I navigate this unfamiliar territory has been invaluable. You went above and beyond, and I have already recommended you to several peers!”
– April Alieda, Published Author

“Joyce exemplified patience and professionalism. I appreciated her turnaround commitment, tremendous attention to details, knowledge of present-day publishing standards, and affordability! Her warmth and genuine interest in giving her best makes her an invaluable partner to work with.”
– Jill Maxwell, Published Author

“When you find an editor like Joyce Mochrie, you must realize you have found a jewel. I highly recommend her for copy editing and proofreading. Without her, I would not be where I am today—confident in my work and moving forward in a way that I never thought possible. An editor can make you or break you. Treat her well, for you are not likely to find another editor like her. I never want to spend another day of writing without Joyce Mochrie as my editor.”
– Meg Anne Brighton, Published Author

“Joyce’s attention to detail and willingness to patiently walk me through every step of the way was invaluable to me as a new writer. I went into the process very unsure and a bit frightened, but her encouragement and professionalism gave me stamina. I have already recommended her to several others without hesitancy, and I look forward to working with her when my next book is completed.”
– Sandra Mansfield Wright, Published Author

“Her dedication to detail, accuracy, and perfection in editing is beyond comparison. It is without reservation that I recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting the job done right.”
– Thomas Powers, Published Author

“It was a very special venture for me developing the manuscript, and Joyce’s warmth and kindness added another layer of appreciation for the process. I was delighted to work with Joyce during the project and found her to be extremely efficient and communicative.”
– Lee Papa, Published Author

“I am most pleased that she is extremely effective and accurate in correcting errors that others missed. What is most satisfying is not only is she thorough, she does her editing and proofreading in a very timely manner and is a delightful person to work with. I certainly recommend Joyce as the best proofreader and copy editor you will ever have the opportunity to work with.”
– Joyce Regan, Author

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