Joyce Mochrie

Certified Copy Editor and Proofreader


Charging by the PAGE enables those who contact me to know exactly what their cost will be in advance. I do not charge for white space on a page! Partial pages are counted and compiled into full-page lots thereby saving my clients money. There are no surprises or additional costs!

My fee of $3.95 per page (minimum 12-point font, double spaced, one-inch margins) includes two services: copy editing and proofreading.

Special Offers

I will edit your Title page, Dedication page (if any), Acknowledgments page, and the front and back cover of your book (including blurb) at NO CHARGE.

Further, I have created a Referral Reward Program whereby I will give 10 pages of FREE editing (a $39.50 value!) to anyone for every new client they refer to me who retains my services.


My terms are 50% up front with the balance due upon completion of the work.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made via PayPal (preferred), cashier’s check, or money order.

“I was impressed with Joyce’s clientele, which includes THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, my former employer. I had already invested considerable money in editing my second work in progress, but I wanted ‘one last look’ and I’m so glad I did. Although my manuscript went through several revisions prior, Joyce gave me the confidence to finally publish error-free thanks to her polish and keen eye. As a result, none of my ARC readers could find a single mistake! She was a pleasure to work with and was easily accessible with fast responses and regular updates. I highly recommend her!”
Tara September, Multi-Award-Winning Author